The Waste Water Management (WWM) zone in BWSSB is in charge of collection, conveyance, treatment and safe disposal of waste water generated in the area of BBMP. It includes laying and maintenance of 400 mm and above sized sub mains, mains and outfall sewers of the city in addition to the contraction, operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant to treat the waste water to the standards prescribed by KPSCB. At present this zone is maintaining about 1498 Kms of sewer lines and 27 wastewater treatments plants of total capacity 1112.50 MLD which will be increased to 1583.50 MLD by adding 9 more STPs by the end of September 2020. WWM zone is also looking after re-use of treated water for non portable purposes.

The expanding Bengaluru has been witnessing a rapid increase in population and had registered a 40% growth since a couple of decades, and now reached a whopping 125 lakh population mark! Drinking water to Bengaluru is being pumped at an altitude of 1500 ft, from an approximate distance of 100 Km away from city. The City’s underground water level has depleted by 1000ft to 1200ft which is alarming. Hence, water has become a precious commodity now.

The Water Board has already installed 25 Waste Water Purifying/ Processing Units in various places, of which 4 are Third Stage Purifying Units, where treated waste water is being used of Re-usage. The Third Stage Treated water can be availed for Re-use and installation of 11 additional units are in progress. Apart from this, 16 other waste water processing units are being initiated by the Water Board. These waste water purifying units are intended to be completed by the year 2023-24, and thus the total waste water purifying units overall capacity would be 1713.50 million litres daily, by the year 2023-24.

List of STPs in BWSSB
Sl.No Name Capacity in MLD Location near to Level of Treatment Types of process for treating sewage
1K&C valley248Belur Nagasandra (near Challaghatta)SecondaryActivated Sludge Process (ASP)
2K&C Valley60Belur Nagasandra (near Challaghatta)SecondaryASP with power generation
3Lalbagh1.5Lalbagh kereTertiaryActivated aeration + plate settlers + UV disinfection
4Cubbon Park4Cubbon Park (upgraded)TertiaryMembrane Bio Reactor
5K.R.Puram Ph-I20Tambuchetti playa RoadSecondaryUASB + Extended Aeration
6Yelemallappa Chetti kere15Yelemallappa Chetti kereSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
7Bellandur Amani kere90Vartur kereSecondaryActivated Sludge Process (ASP)
8Kadabeesanahalli Ph-I50Marathalli Outer Ring RoadSecondaryExtended Aeration
9Kadugodi6KadugodiSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
10Halasuru2Halasuru LakeSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
11Rajacanal - Ph-I40Geddalahalli near HebbalSecondaryExtended Aeration
12Hebbal60Nagavara kereSecondaryActivated Sludge Process (ASP)
13Jakkur15Jakkur kereSecondaryUpflow Aerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) + Extended Aeration
14Yelahanka Ph-I10Allalasandra kereTertiaryActivated sludge Process (ASP) + filtration + Chlorination
15Rajacanal40Geddalahalli near HebbalSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
16Horamavu  Agara20In between Kalkere and Horamavu Agara kereSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
17Nagasandra Ph-I20Near Madavara kere (near Tumkur Road)SecondaryExtended Aeration
18Mallathahalli5Mallathahalli kereSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
19Nagasandra20Near Madavara kere (near Tumkur Road)SecondarySequential Batch Reactor
20Chikkabanavara5Chikkabanavara kereSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
21Mailasandra Ph-I75MailasandraSecondaryExtended Aeration
22V.Valley180Mysore  RoadSecondaryTwo stage high rate trickling process
23Kempambudhi1N.R.ColonySecondaryExtended Aeration
24Doddabele20DoddabeleSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
25Kengeri60Near Kengeri bus standSecondarySecondary-Activated Sludge Process
26Doddabele40DoddabeleSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
27Sarakki5Near Sarakki LakeSecondarySequential Batch Reactor
Various Treatment Process